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No Memorial Day plans? Don't be LAME!

Kalkaska is playing a memorial day jam with hot shit indie rock superstars Mary Timony and Fred Thomas! Check this out....

From Lager Website:

Mon. May 29th:

Mary Timony: Theres nothing more exciting when were able to book someone that is so cool that we cant believe theyre playing our little dive. But guess what? Everybody wins because we get to see Mary Timony of Helium at the Lager House! If youre unfamiliar Mary fronted (among many other bands) Matador recording artists Helium in the 90s and made a few classic indie albums full of excellent pop but also strange leanings toward psyche and prog... yes, this was LONG before it was cool! Her solo career has continued an amazing track of marrying post rock and prog with indie pop and rock. Check the links below to hear one of the most interesting female voices of the last fifteen years... And boys, raise yr hands if you had a crush on her in college!

Fred Thomas: Front man and mastermind from Saturday Looks Good To Me, Fred grace us with a rare solo performance. Expect hushed and intimate tones and Freds great songwriting presented in a totally different way.... should be dynamite!

Kalkaska: Like perfect bedroom indie rock exploding out into your house party! Perfect moments of fragile, experimental beauty meet up with more trad lofi indie rock in a perfect marriage of what makes music interesting. Fans of Mercury Rev (old), Ariel Pink, Animal Collective and plain old good music should take note!

Plus Dollar Drinks! and only five measly bucks!
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